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Underwater Lights for Boats, Yachts and Ships (LED and Incandescent)

1st-Relief offers a variety of underwater lights for Boats, Yachts and Ships in LED and Incandescent technology, for surface and thru hull mount. The product range includes for example: Surface mount, Surface mount for trim tabs, or thru hull.

1st-Relief shows the LED Underwaterlight Equator

1st-Relief shows Selection and Installation of underwaterlights for boats and yachts

1st-Relief shows the LED Underwaterlight CONUS

1st-Relief shows the LED Underwaterlight CONVEX


Hardware for Boats, Yachts and Ships

(e.g.: water strainer, fog bell, ventilator, deck hardware, cabin hardware.

1st-Relief shows how to flush or winterize your boat engine safely and easily


Battery Switch

Battery switches, power supplies, battery switch, voltage transformer
1st-Relief offers various active power supply products in insulated and non-insulated execution; protected to IP65 or IP53

1st-Relief shows the Installation of a Battery Switch

Yacht Control Systems for the assistance of the captain

Crew members or other systems may disturb during steering the ship. Every captain is from time to time in such a tricky situation and we provide them assistance through our control systems for yachts and ships. With these systems with integrated innovative technology they take over full control (remote, wireless and with joy-stick) based on the experience of the installation and operation on all major brands. Free yourself from the conning position and enjoy the total freedom of movement around your yacht!

Leaving the marina - 1st-Relief presents the Yacht Control System MYW868


Mooring in the marina - 1st-Relief presents the Yacht Control System MYW868

Navigation Equipment

1st-Relief shows how to use the TackingMaster properly, simply - clever - impressive! 1st-Relief describes in this video how to operate the TackingMaster. In addition to the absolutely robust and battery-free design makes it a particularly successful example of the combination of ease of use, smart design and brilliant functionality. See the Operating the TackingMaster of 1st-Relief in this video and you will know it is a must for ambitious sailors.

1st-relief proudly presents the TackingMaster in action, a video that convinces! 1st-Relief presents the TackingMaster, an indispensable tool for anyone sailing tactically with a compass - in a dinghy, small keelboats or on larger yachts. Tactical considerations are mostly based on the wind direction and trends provided via the boat's compass. With TackingMaster it is now easier to organize, optimize and understand the influence of the wind changes.



1st-Relief shows how to install the 12" Perko SolarRay Halogen Searchlight (230V/ 1000W) with Lever Control