AIS (Autmatic Identification System) Technology

1. Basics and Benefits with AIS

AIS improves safety at sea

  • Fast assistance in emergencies by its automatic  communication and transmission of relevant data.
  • Nautical information and warnings can be easily and quickly sent by to ships in their area of responsibility.
  • No Radar shadows for AIS VDL
  • The functionality is never impaired by bad weather conditions
  • In addition to radar the AIS significantly improves safety of crew, ship and cargo
  • With AIS you can "look around the corner"
2. AIS Technology - Overview

3. AIS Technical Details
Definition Value Description
Kanäle 2 (AIS1 + AIS2)
Frame 60 seconds
Slots per Frame 2250  
Bits/Slot 256  
Bits per Second 9600 bps
Slotlänge 0,026666667 seconds (=26,67ms)


4. Visibility

The Captain of a SOLAS-Vessel may see a yacht like the picture below:

5. Visibility

This might be the remaining reaction time without an AIS-Transponder on board of a yacht (receive and transmit)