Ship Horns for the high seas, inland waterways and leisure markets


Our Kahlenberg ship horns for the high seas, inland waterways and leisure market are all built to extremely high standards of quality. They offer owners and captains a highly reliable means of complying with IMO/USCG sound signaling requirements and an aesthetically pleasing item of deck hardware with a distinctive sound that is the envy of everyone that hears it. With a worldwide reputation for durability, distinctive sound, and exceptional finish, Kahlenberg Air Horns are found on the majority of the world’s megayachts. All Kahlenberg sound signals are tested in an in-house anechoic chamber and certified to ensure conformance to the standards established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Collision Regulations (COLREG).

The "Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREG, 1972 - Annex III) describes the technical details of sound signal appliances with respect to the sound signal intensity and the range of the audibility as follows:

Length of vessel [m] fundamental frequency [Hz] 1/3-octave band Level at 1 m [dB] (referred to 2 x 10-5 N/m²) Audibility range [NM]
> 200 70-200 143 2
75 - 200 130-350 138 1,5
20 - 75 250-700 130 1
< 20 180 - 450 120 0,5
450 - 800 115
800 - 2100 111
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