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    Enviado el domingo 6 septiembre 2015 09:33

    Hi Dinko,
    we have ensured a full compatibility between the old product and our "Class A AIS Transponder Solid" with all AIS Accessories in our portfolio. With respect to your Beacon question I assume you mean a differential GNSS solution.
    To upgrade your current AIS to a combined AIS and D-GNSS system no changes to the actual AIS Installations are required (leave everything as it is…) it's just an Ethernet connection to the new system and you're fine. We recommend using the following parts:
    - your current AIS
    - the D-GNSS Set "R5 Supreme Navigation Solution (DGNSS or GNSS)"; Article number:
    1st117001000670 including the "R4 D-GNSS Navigation sensor", "R5 NAV Junction Box" and the "DGNSS Antenna MGL-5"
    - to establish the connection use the "R5 Ethernet cable, 5 m"; Article number: 1st117000000525
    The rest is done with SW-Configuration.
    If you have further questions, please come back to us as well on [email protected]

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