4,5" HaloSealed Zoeklicht Deck Control (50W)

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4,5" HaloSealed Zoeklicht Deck Control (50W)

This professional 7" Halogen Sealed Searchlight (100 - 450W) with Lever Control from the Pilot House is most frequently used in the

Inland waterways and Leisure Market

Please select from the above options:
Output Power:
  • 30 W
  • 50 W

Product Description: This Searchlight with a range of more than 0,3km is made of chrome plated brass (head) and bronze (base). Spare bulbs can be ordered separately. One Bulb is included in price and shipment!
  • Range >= 0,3km
  • 100.000 Candela
  • Premium design
  • Chrome plated brass head and bronze base
  • Corrosion Resistant, Splash Proof Construction
  • Halogen Bulb
  • Switch in Head
  • 4,5 Inch Sealed Beam Unit included
  • Tin Plated Electrical Contacts and Wiring
  • 12 VDC
Behuizing: Gegoten Marine aluminium behuizing
IP-beschermingsklasse: 54
Lamp: Halogen
Elektrisch vermogen [W]:
Input Voltage [VDC]: 24
Input Voltage [VAC]: 230
Maximale stroom [A]:
lengte [cm]:
Breedte [cm]:
Hoogte [cm]:
Gewicht [kg]:
Kijkhoek [°]:
Elevation Up [°]:
Elevation omlaag [°]:
Elevation snelheid [°/s]:
Omwenteling [°]: 360
Omwenteling snelheid [°/s]:
reeks [NM]: 2
Luminous [Im]:
Candela [cd]:
Steradiant [sr]:
Illuminance [lx] @ 400 m:
Illuminance [lx] @ 800 m:
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