10/12/14" Halogen Searchlight Lever/Gear Control (150 - 1000W)

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10/12/14" Halogen Searchlight Lever/Gear Control (150 - 1000W)

This professional white 10", 12" or 14" deck control SolarRay Searchlight is most frequently used in the

Inland waterways and Leisure Market

Please select from the above options:
Reflectorsize in inch:
  • 10"
  • 12"
  • 14"
  • Polished Chrome
  • White coated
Input voltage:
  • 24 VDC
  • 230 VAC
Pedestal height:
  • Standard
  • Medium
  • High
Control Length in inch:
  • 8,5
  • 15

Product Description: This SolarRay Searchlight with a range of up to 1km is made of cast bronze and heavy gauge brass with a white finish (an advanced powder coating process that eliminates the need for painting while providing a scratch resistant and chip-proof surface for painting when necessary to match the color of the vessel) or polished chrome. It is part of a family available in 10", 12" and 14" sizes, 24VDC, 110VAC, 230VAC and with different control types (Deck-, Lever-, Wheel-, Lever/Gear and Distant Electric Control). This model features: halo deflectors, parabolic glass mirror reflectors for maximum light output and ventilation covers for quick dissipation of heat to help prolong bulb life. Hinged front doors have quick release stainless steel latches to provide easy access for bulb replacement. Spare bulbs can be ordered separately.
One Philips Bulb is included in price and shipment!
USP's (14"/ 230 VAC / 1000 W model):
  • Range >= 1km
  • 1.021.000 Candela
  • IP54
  • professional design
  • lever/gear controlled
  • Top Vent Cover
  • 3-Wire Cable, Grounded
  • Stainless Steel Latches
  • Halo Deflector
  • Heavy Gauge Brass Body
  • Glass Reflector with Shock Resistant Mounting
  • Weatherproof Construction
  • Interior Finished in Flat Black
  • Lower Vent Cover
  • Slide-Lock Focusing Device Behind Lower Vent
  • Heavy Duty Yoke Mounting
  • Base has Floating Stops to Allow 400 Degree Rotation
  • Bronze Base Casting Countersunk for Four 5/16” Flathead Fasteners
корпус: В ролях морской алюминиевый корпус
IP Класс защиты: 54
Лампе: галоген
Электрические [Вт]:
Входное напряжение [VDC]: 24
Входное напряжение [VAC]: 230
Максимальный ток [Ампер]:
длина [cm]:
Ширина [см]:
Высота системы [см]:
Вес [кг]:
угол обзора [°]:
Высота до [°]:
Высота Вниз [°]:
Высота скорость [°/s]:
вращение [°]: 360
вращение скорость [°/s]:
диапазон [NM]: 2
светящийся [lm]:
Кандела [cd]:
Steradiant [sr]:
освещенность [lx] @ 400 m:
освещенность [lx] @ 800 m:
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