19" Suez Halo-Zoeklicht (230 VAC / 2000 W)

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19" Suez Halo-Zoeklicht (230 VAC / 2000 W)


This premium Halogen Zoeklicht is most frequently used for

ships passing the Suez Canal

All materials used are of highest quality to withstand the worst weather conditions ships may face.
  • Material for the Zoeklicht body is the stainless steel and aluminum alloy for the fitting base and supporting arm.
  • The front glass is made of high quality tempered glass which can resist the severe temperature variation from intensive heating to rapid cooling.
  • The parabolic polished glass reflector (mirror) of high precision is divided into two (2) parts so as to radiate both single beam and split beams.
  • Accordingly, the signal buoys located at the both sides of the canal can be searched easily. The back side of the reflector is reinforced with a special metal plate.
  • The (single) beam can be split vertically into two (2) beams up to 5 degree each on both sides from the zero position i.e. center line.
  • The angle of the dark span between two (2) beams can be adjusted continuously from 0 to 10 degree at the operator's option.
  • The Zoeklicht body is so air-tight as to bear against pressure test of 0.025Mpa , and can be equipped with a flexible rubber hose to exhaust heated air.
  • ln the lamp holder a spare lamp is also provided against accidents, therefore, in case of emergency lightening can be easily switched over by the outside Iever operation.
  • All materials used for the Zoeklicht are of so high quality as to stand against the warst weather conditions the ship may encounter during her navigation.
  • Available to provide NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) certificate as standard and also ABS, LR, BV, DNV, CCS and others as option if the users so demand.
  • Optional Accessories:
    • Protector for front glass
    • Sling
    • Socket-outlet
Behuizing: body stainless steel, fitting base and supporting arm aluminum alloy
IP-beschermingsklasse: 56
Lamp: Halogen
Elektrisch vermogen [W]: 2000
Input Voltage [VDC]: 24
Input Voltage [VAC]: 230
Maximale stroom [A]: 8,7
lengte [cm]: 62,8
Breedte [cm]: 79
Hoogte [cm]: 97,1
Gewicht [kg]: 42
Kijkhoek [°]: 5
Elevation Up [°]: 30
Elevation omlaag [°]: 30
Elevation snelheid [°/s]:
Omwenteling [°]: 360
Omwenteling snelheid [°/s]:
reeks [NM]: 1,73
Luminous [Im]: 17.940,60
Candela [cd]: 3.000.000,00
Steradiant [sr]: 0,0059802
Illuminance [lx] @ 400 m: 18,75
Illuminance [lx] @ 800 m: 4,69
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