8" Sealed Beam Lever or Lever/Gear or Wheel Control (100 - 450W)

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8" Sealed Beam Lever or Lever/Gear or Wheel Control (100 - 450W)

This professional 8" Halogen Sealed Beam Searchlight for Lever or Lever/Gear or Wheel Control is most frequently used in the

Inland waterways and Leisure Market

Please select from the above options:

  • Polished Chrome
  • White coated
Input voltage:
  • 12 VDC
  • 24 VDC
  • 32 VDC
Control type:
  • Lever Control
  • Lever/Gear Control
  • Wheel Control
Control Length in inch:
  • 8,5 (Wheel 7,5)
  • 15,5 (Wheel 14,5)
  • 22,5 (Wheel 21,5)
  • 29,5 (Wheel 28,5)


Product Description: This Searchlight with a range of up to 0,7km is made of cast bronze and heavy gauge brass with a white finish (an advanced powder coating process that eliminates the need for painting while providing a scratch resistant and chip-proof surface for painting when necessary to match the color of the vessel) or polished chrome finish. Spare bulbs can be ordered separately. One Bulb is included in price and shipment!
  • Range >= 0,7km
  • 500.000 Candela
  • IP54
  • Professional design
  • Chrome Plated or White Powder Coated
  • Corrosion Resistant, Splash Proof Construction
  • 8 Inch Sealed Beam Unit included
  • Tin Plated Electrical Contacts and Wiring
  • 400° Horizontal Movement, 60° Vertical Movement
  • Lever or Lever/Gear or Wheel Control for Horizontal and Vertical Movement
  • Set for Continuous Back and Forth Sweep or Adjust Position with Manual Toggle Controls
  • Maximum Ceiling Thicknesses Lever Control up to 4,5”
  • Maximum Ceiling Thicknesses Lever/Gear Control up to 3,5”
  • Maximum Ceiling Thicknesses Wheel Control up to 3”
Behuizing: Gegoten Marine aluminium behuizing
IP-beschermingsklasse: 54
Lamp: Halogen
Elektrisch vermogen [W]:
Input Voltage [VDC]: 24
Input Voltage [VAC]: 230
Maximale stroom [A]:
lengte [cm]:
Breedte [cm]:
Hoogte [cm]:
Gewicht [kg]:
Kijkhoek [°]:
Elevation Up [°]:
Elevation omlaag [°]:
Elevation snelheid [°/s]:
Omwenteling [°]: 360
Omwenteling snelheid [°/s]:
reeks [NM]: 2
Luminous [Im]:
Candela [cd]:
Steradiant [sr]:
Illuminance [lx] @ 400 m:
Illuminance [lx] @ 800 m:
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