Cabinet Hardware, Hinges, Locks & Latches

1st-Relief offers a variety of cabinet hardware made for Ships, Boats and Yachts. The product range includes for example:
Hasps, Butt hinges, Hinges, Hatch trim, Barrel bolts & ship bolt, Cabin door hooks, Door stops, holder and buttons, Door catches & slam cam bar, “T” - handle surface mount lock, latch & pull, Flush locks & latches, Self adjusting slam latch and cam bar selection guide, Shower door latches, Mortise latch and lock sets, Flush mount latch and lock sets, Lock & latch sets, Rectangular flush hatch dogs, Round flush hatch dogs, Cupboard bolt, catch, turn & latch, Cabinet lock and latch, latch assembly & elbow catches, Flush ring catch, knobs and “T” handle flush pull, Pulls & lifting handles, Flush pulls, Pulls & sliding window handle, Door stop, window stop, locks & fastener, Table brackets & utility hooks, Utility hook, boat cover sockets & fasteners,  etc.

If you don't find your product on the web site it is much likely that we have it available. So do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]
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