15" or 19" Xenon Searchlight with Lever/Gear or Distant Electric Control (500, 1000 + 1600 W)

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The short arc Xenon filled lamps produce an extremely bright and very white light which can be focused in the pilothouse into a narrow long range beam. The heavy duty head is a marine grade aluminum casting with integral cooling fins to assure cool operation at high output levels. High quality Timken bearings provide for smooth 380° rotation.
The Searchlight is available manually controlled with a traditional lever gear control system or remotely controlled with a distant electric control system. In addition, an optional heating capability is available to assure trouble free operation in areas of the world prone to icing conditions. The Searchlight can be operated continuously at up to 1.600 watts for maximum brightness providing in excess of 100,000,000 candlepower and up to 10km range. An iridium coated precision reflector provides for maximum light output and sharp focus.
The remote control panel controls lamp ignition (start-up) and focus from the pilot house. The 19" Xenon Searchlight includes a single Xenon lamp.


  • Heavy Duty Marine Latches
  • Sealed Waterproof Construction
  • Cast Marine Aluminum Housing
  • Integrally Cast Cooling Fins
  • Safety Interlock Switch
  • Iridium Coated Reflector
  • Heavy Duty Rack & Pinion Assembly
  • Cast Marine Aluminum Yoke & Base
  • Optional Heater System
  • Quality Ballbearings
  • 220 or 440 Volt Power Supply
  • Remote Control Panel


Housing: Cast Marine Aluminum Housing
IP protection class: 65
Lamp: Xenon
Electrical Power [W]: 1000
Input Voltage [VDC]: 230
Input Voltage [VAC]: 230
Maximum current [A]: 4,6
Length [cm]: 49,35
Width [cm]: 48,26
Heigth [cm]: 96,52
Weight [kg]: 65,77
Viewing angle [°]: 1,25
Elevation Up [°]: 45
Elevation Down [°]: 15
Elevation Speed [°/s]: 0
Rotation [°]: 380
Rotation Speed [°/s]: 0
Range [NM]: 8,94
Luminous [Im]: 29905
Candela [cd]: 80.000.000
Steradiant [sr]: 0,0004
Illuminance [lx] @ 400 m: 500
Illuminance [lx] @ 800 m: 125
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