Premium LED Searchlight (12 to 24 VDC) with lamp, remote control panel and cable

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Premium LED Searchlight (12 to 24 VDC) with lamp, remote control panel and cable

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Product Description:

This premium high power LED Searchlight in protection class IP56 is most frequently used on luxury yachts. It is powered by 12 to 24 VDC and is equipped with a LED lamp with a maximum of 200.000 cd. Part of the product is the remote control panel (optional available for a 2-stations control by a sub remote control panel as well) and a 5 m cable.


  • Stylish design, light weight aluminum alloy die casting with excellent vibration-proof and water-proof, especial finishing and high grade painting for the anti-corrosion
  • Two operation modes; full remote controlled, available with a second remote control panel as an option (acts as a sub remote control panel); Remote control panel CPF53 (Main) / CPF54 (Sub)
  • This LED Searchlight can be used for both voltages, 12 VDC and 24 VDC.
  • with this LED Searchlight the worries about damaged bulbs due to the vibration on board of a ship are past
  • The long lifetime of approximately 40.000 hours with an energy saving of approximately a third compared with the halogen lamp type are outstanding arguments for this Searchlight.

Technical Information:

  • Input Voltage: 12VDC / 24 VDC
  • Input Power Approximately: 3,0 A(12 VDC)/ 1,6 A(24 VDC)
  • Max. Luminous intensity: 200.000 cd
  • Range: up to 0,5 km range
  • Beam spread approximately: 7°
  • Elevation angle: Up 9° / Down 17°; Elevation speed Approximately: 3,0°/sec
  • Turning angle: 360° (endless); Turning speed: High 30°/sec. - Low 20°/sec
  • Color: Munsell N9.5 (White)
  • Weight Approximately: 4,2 kg
  • IP Rating: IP56



Spare Parts and Accessories:

Description Article number Remark
Sub-Control-Panel (2nd Controller) 1st12CPF54  
Housing: Cast Marine Aluminum Housing
IP protection class: 56
Lamp: LED
Electrical Power [W]: 38,4
Input Voltage [VDC]: 12 to 24
Input Voltage [VAC]:
Maximum current [A]: 1,6
Length [cm]: 23,2
Width [cm]: 20,6
Heigth [cm]: 19,9
Weight [kg]: 4,2
Viewing angle [°]: 6
Elevation Up [°]: 9
Elevation Down [°]: 17
Elevation Speed [°/s]: 3
Rotation [°]: 360
Rotation Speed [°/s]: 30
Range [NM]: 0,45
Luminous [Im]: 1722,18
Candela [cd]: 200.000
Steradiant [sr]: 0,00861090
Illuminance [lx] @ 400 m: 1,25
Illuminance [lx] @ 800 m: 0,31
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